Slurry handling soft media (Polymer)

Peak Biotech Slurry Unit are available for polymeric based resins, in volumen from 50 - xxx L
The tank is equipped with a top mixer, that is gentle to the resin and to insure a good mixing of the resin and the slurry buffer

The tanks are made in stainless steel and in a sanitary design for the harmaceutical and biotech industry. 

The units are equipped with a flush bottom valve with no dead volume and are also equipped with a membrane pump for slurry transfer to the column.

Materials and construction
All tanks are fabricated in stainless steel.
Diaphragm and sealings in bottom valve and pump are fabricated in PTFE. The materials are FDA approved (USP Class VI is optional).
All used components are fully documented and tested.
Slurry units are available in Explosion proof that fulfill the requirements for Europe (ATEX) and US (Class One Div xx).

Design focus
Keep it simple and robust.
Focus on reproducibility and reliable design with background in the importance of production capability for the customer.
Industrial focus regards to service and maintenance.

Qualification and services
Function test
FAT (factory acceptance test)
SAT (site acceptance test)
IQ (Installation qualification)
OQ (Operation qualification)
PQ (Performance qualification)
Training of users
Installation support on-site
Startup support

Every stainless steel part in the construction is traceable with certificate of analysis and elastomers are documented according to FDA.

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